Along with MYAA as a whole, MYAA Baseball

has temporarily suspended all Baseball activities (REC and Travel)

in consideration of the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

MYAA will monitor the situation and will provide updates.

The safety of of our children and our community is our top priority. 

  We are continuing to work toward recruiting coaches and forming teams during this break. 

If you haven't volunteered yet, please do so. 

Volunteer Coaches Still Needed for MYAA Baseball

 Demand for recreation baseball at all age groups has been high this year, especially for T-Ball through 3rd/4th Grade. 

We are in need of parents to step up and volunteer to coach and/or be a commissioner at
these age groups so we can allow the kids to get more productive playing time during their games. 

Our goal is to form teams with as few players on them as is reasonable, so the kids can play more,
learn more and be active for the duration of their games.  To do this we need as many coaches as possible.   

Please consider coaching – or partnering with a friend or neighbor to coach together.  

Remember, MYAA is a non-profit, volunteer based program formed to benefit the children of Medford. 
Please chip in and volunteer your time to help us build on this commitment to our children. 
Every person who helps out, eases the load other volunteers are carrying for our community.

  “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson


The 14th Annual John C. Cobb Memorial Tournament is now OPEN for registration!! 

For more information, please visit:

Medford Renegades Travel Baseball Program Announcement

The 2020 Medford Renegades baseball teams are in need of 
players at several age levels!
The B/JV teams at the 9U, 10U and 12U age groups are all in need of players for the 2020

7U coach pitch travel teams will be selected once the MYAA Recreation season begins in
April and team(s) will be formed during May. This is a great opportunity to get your child into the program to allow them to get an experience beyond that of traditional recreation baseball. These teams are focused on
player development, fostering teamwork, keeping the game fun – all while playing at a level a bit more competitive than REC.

The Renegades’ Experience 
  • Practice availability indoors during February and March
  • Play MYAA REC (non-travel) games during April and May
  • Practice with your travel team and play individual games against other local travel teams
  • Play in 3-4 local (Voorhees, Marlton, Mt. Laurel, etc.) tournaments beginning Memorial Day weekend and culminating with the John C. Cobb Memorial Medford Killer B Tournament in mid-July.
The age requirements for each age group:

7U -   Child cannot turn 8 before May 1, 2020
9U -   Child cannot turn 10 before May 1, 2020
10U - Child cannot turn 11 before May 1, 2020
12U - Child cannot turn 13 before May 1, 2020

If your child is interested in expanding their baseball experience please contact our travel commissioner, John Byrne, at to discuss the next steps, understand the costs or to get any of your questions about the program

Thank you! 

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