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To build a tradition of excellence both on and off the field by engaging youth in America’s National pastime, baseball. 
1. Have fun.  
2. Learn solid fundamentals of baseball.  
3. Learn life lessons taught through baseball, namely dedication, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Winning, in baseball and in life, is a result of working toward and achieving these goals.

"Baseball as I have said before to many parents, it's not about wins and losses.
It's about the life lessons that are learned on that baseball field.
The perseverance, the hard work that it takes, dealing with failure.  
Every life lesson is on that baseball field."
- Goose Gossage

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Dates to Know
Jan: Rec Registration Opens

April - mid June: Rec Season

April-early July: Travel Season

5/30-6/2:  John Cobb Tournament https://www.johncobbinvitational.com

Sep-Oct: Skills Clinics 

Jan 6 - April 1: Travel Winter Workouts